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What is a Will? A Will is a legal document that sets out how your assets are to be dealt with on your death.

Why should you have a Will? Having a valid Will is the only way to ensure that your assets will be distributed in the manner of your choosing. If you die without a Will then your estate will be dealt with under the Intestacy Rules and this could mean that people that are important to you are not provided for in the way you might have wanted.

why should a solicitor prepare your will

Why should a Solicitor or Legal Executive prepare your Will?

At CP Law Solicitors only a qualified Solicitor or Legal Executive will prepare your Will and this means that you can feel safe in their hands. Whilst we appreciate that everyone’s estate is different we have found that over the years there are common objectives that people what to achieve within their Wills and this means that we can call upon our bank of extensive knowledge and experience of preparing Wills when advising and reviewing your circumstances and objectives.

We will always where possible provide you with options set out in plain and simple English of how your objectives can be achieved.

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During your initial appointment, the topic of Inheritance Tax may be discussed and your lawyer may provide you with an explanation of how the current Inheritance Tax laws affect your estate. If you would like this information and advice confirmed in writing you can request an Estate Planning Report.

An Estate Planning Report is a bespoke report that is prepared for you and will review your current assets and Inheritance Laws, relief and exemptions and make suggestions on how you can mitigate any exposure that you may have to Inheritance Tax.

If you do not make a Will, ten your estate (all of your assets at death) will be distributed according to the ‘Intestacy Rules’. You should also consider topics such as inheritance tax and family history. Broadly speaking, for all deaths that occurred after 1st October 2014:

  • If you leave a spouse and children – £270,000 goes to your spouse (plus the personal possessions) and then half of the remainder. The children would then receive the rest of the estate on trust until they reached 18.
  • If you leave a spouse and no children then your spouse will take everything.
  • If you leave children and no spouse then your entire estate would go to your children in equal shares.
  • If you leave no spouse or children then your estate will be distributed according to the statutory order, starting with parents and then siblings and then down to wider family members.


Mrs R died in January and her husband Mr R died in the following April. The firm was assisting the Executors in the administration.

Mr and Mrs R had had their Wills prepared over ten years ago by local solicitors. Two years before Mrs R died, she prepared a homemade Codicil leaving a generous cash gift to her sister. The Codicil had been signed correctly and was a valid document. Unfortunately, the cash gift could not be made following Mrs R death.

The gift that Mrs R left in her Codicil failed due to the way in which Mr and Mrs R held their assets. Had Mrs R sought professional advice simple steps could have been taken to ensure that this gift could have taken place.


CP Law Solicitors offers an initial fixed fee meeting of £150 plus VAT. If as a result of that initial meeting you go on to instruct the firm in relation to the preparation of a Will this initial fixed fee will be deducted from your final invoice.

Prior to your initial appointment, you will be sent the firm’s Will Questionnaire for consideration and completion.

We highly recommend that you complete and return your questionnaire prior to your initial meeting as it will allow your lawyer to be fully prepared for your meeting and means that you can make the most of your initial appointment.

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