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What does Administering an Estate mean? Administering an estate is the phrase used when describing the work that is required following the death of someone.

It can be an extensive and complicated job depending on the circumstances. CP Law Solicitors’ Probate Help Sheet provides helpful information on the Probate process and includes a glossary of useful terms that may help.

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How can a Solicitor or Legal Executive help me?

At CP Law we have a bank of extensive knowledge and experience of administering estates and we will always where possible provide you with options set out in plain and simple English of how CP Law can help you achieve your objectives.


CP Law Solicitors charge on a time spent basis for Administration of Estate work. This is because every estate is different and every family wishes to manage the administration of a loved one’s estate differently. Our job is to support and advise families on the most efficient way to administer the estate.

As a result of us charging on a time spent basis, rather than a percentage value of the estate it is very hard to give an indication of what the likely overall expenses may be.

Some families are very ‘hands on’ and do the bulk of the leg work themselves, meaning that we simply prepare the legal documentation (i.e. application for probate – comprises of two parts; the first being the court application and the second being the HMRC inheritance tax return). Other families want to do as little as possible and in these cases, our fees are higher.

When working with families who want to instruct the firm, we provide a quote following a short initial meeting. During this meeting, the family provide a copy of the death certificate and a schedule of the deceased’s assets and liabilities. From this information, an initial Inheritance Tax calculation can be done and an estimate can be provided to the family. We break our quotes down into three parts:

Part One: up to the extraction of the Grant
Part Two: Collection of Assets and Deeds of Variations
Part Three: Distribution of Estate

For each part, an estimate of how many hours’ work we think it will take and costs are given. Costs are reviewed at the end of each stage when an invoice is raised.

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CP Law sympathetically and efficiently supported me in dealing with my late mother's estate. One team dealt with Inheritance Tax and Grant of Probate, which was rapidly completed. The Property team then smoothly completed the conveyancing of the house. Both teams were friendly and helpful throughout.

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