Good Divorce Week 2022

CP Law Solicitors are strong advocates of Good Divorce Week 2022, an annual awareness campaign run by Resolution.

We are proud that two of our Dispute Resolution & Family Solicitors, Lee Pashen and Marianne Tyndall, are members of Resolution, an organisation which represents over 6,500 family professionals dedicated to helping people find a better way to divorce.

At CP Law Solicitors, we understand that in divorce cases, as in most legal situations, time is of the essence. We aim to make this difficult process as smooth and as easy as possible for our clients to help them reach a timely conclusion and mitigate financial and emotional turmoil.

As impartial professionals, we are able to assist couples to reach a compromise regarding their affairs, whilst ensuring that your former spouse does not take advantage of you during the divorce. Our expert divorce solicitors provide exceptional legal advice and assistance at every stage of the process.

CP Law Solicitors have a team of compassionate specialist family lawyers who will help you with the divorce, finances, children and any other family law issues that may need to be resolved as you progress through the divorce.

To speak to a specialist divorce solicitor, please call the family department on 0345 241 3100 or email us on

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