Getting ready to sell a property post-lockdown

The current pandemic has had a profound impact on society with many industries grinding to a halt because of social distancing advice.

For those needing to buy or sell property, the situation is unprecedented and incredibly frustrating. The UK is making its way through a second set of lockdown measures and the government has intimated that getting the property market moving again is important for the economy.

Whilst it is unlikely that all businesses will be permitted to start working once the current lockdown measures expire, those looking to sell property should use the time to get themselves ready so they can hit the ground running once restrictions are lifted.

Find an estate agent or start researching agents in your local area

Although estate agents will be unable to meet you face to face, you could use this time to read reviews of local agents, enquire about the services they offer and ultimately choose the agent who is best placed to represent your needs.

If you already have an estate agent and your property was marketed prior to the introduction of lockdown measures at the end of March, remain in contact with them and utilise this quiet time to seek their advice so that your property is in the best shape possible when the market reopens.

Make sure your paperwork is complete

Lockdown can be a fantastic opportunity to ensure all the forms needed to sell a home are complete. For example, the Law Society’s TA6 transaction forms need to be completed by all sellers to supply information on the property they are selling which can be relied upon during the conveyancing process. You will also need to provide:

  • Guarantees – this will include guarantees for both building works completed and for any appliances that you are planning on leaving
  • FENSA Certificates – if the house has had any new windows, you will need to provide the FENSA certificate which is valid for 10 years.
  • Records of servicing on the home’s boiler
  • Electrical Certificates
  • Building Control Certificates – these will highlight any extension or additions to the home prior to sale

Research property stakeholders you may need to instruct

Now is the time to research conveyancing firms, look at the services they are able to offer and choose the firm which offers the greatest levels of service and expertise. Similarly, although removal companies are also on lockdown at the moment, enquiring about services and current availability will ensure you are prepared and in a fantastic place post-lockdown.

If you are a seller experiencing delays because of lockdown you should remain patient, even after restrictions are lifted

You should consult your conveyancer and liaise with other parties in your chain. If you are selling then you are likely to be mid-chain, a precarious position at the best of times, but following these unprecedented events things could be a lot more unpredictable. Your conveyancer will be able to communicate with other parties and their legal representation and establish if the move is able to proceed.

Whilst it may be frustrating if things move slowly after restrictions are lifted, remain patient in the process as we all adjust to a ‘new-normal’.

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