Which day of the week is most popular for a house move?

Home moving website, Compare My Move, has produced some data revealing the most and least popular days of the week to move house, as well as the cheapest and most expensive.

The site looked at 95,000 UK movers who used their services in 2019 to put together a picture of the current trends.

They found that over a third of people in Britain chose a Friday, giving them the weekend to settle into their new home before a return to work.

In Greater London, Saturday was the most popular day, while in Northern Ireland it was Wednesday.

Moving costs

Tuesday was the most expensive day to move, costing on average £1,110, 21 percent above the average.

Sunday was understandably the cheapest, with only 2.69 percent of movers choosing it, probably largely due to solicitors and banks being unavailable to complete transactions at the weekend as well as the difficulty of contacting service providers.

Those who did move on a Sunday paid only £717, some 21 percent below the average cost.

Most popular month for a move

August was the favoured month for moving, with summer weather and school holidays smoothing the way. It also allows those moving to a new area to settle in before the start of the school year.

Regional differences include Wales and Northern Ireland, where July was most popular, and Scotland where a move in May is favoured.

The North West and Yorkshire and the Humber prefer January and the North East and the West Midlands move most in October.

Compare My Move said: “Our research shows that Friday still reigns supreme for movers across Britain, with a huge 34% of movers choosing this day. Booking one day off work nets you three days to get settled in across the weekend, so it’s clear why Friday is such a favourite. If you want to nab a Friday move at a decent rate, make sure you book at least three months ahead of time, and always compare removal quotes.

“… Only 2.69% of our users opted for a Sunday move, and with businesses and banks winding down on the day of rest and Monday morning looming, it’s easy to see why. However, the potential for off-peak discounts by removal companies wanting to fill their working week on these days makes bucking the trend worth it.

Whenever you choose to move, remember to always compare multiple removal companies, always be prepared to negotiate, and always expect a free house survey for a watertight quote.”

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