Top tips to sell your home before the Stamp Duty Holiday deadline

On July 8th the Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced an eight-month stamp duty holiday. This extra home buyer incentive will end on the 31st of March and has been created in order to help boost Britain’s housing market and battle the fallen house prices due to COVID-19.

It could be the perfect time to sell and could save the average home buyer over £2000! Here are a few top tips in order for you to sell your house before the deadline!

Show you are serious

Show house hunters that you are serious about the sale of your home. Make sure that you read up on and adhere to all social distancing rules. Try to declutter your home as much as possible and create clear walkways, this will reduce the amount of touching needed from the viewer. You should also vacate your home when the viewing takes place.

Photos and virtual viewings

Having the best images possible of your home is vital, people often make their minds up within seconds of viewing them online. Having the added bonus of a virtual tour is highly recommended, it can sometimes remove the need for a visit in person and can place you in favour over a listing that does not offer this feature.

Realistic asking price

In the current climate a realistic asking price is a must, with a short time in which to sell your home you do not want to prolong the process by putting people off by asking too much. The most viewings a house will receive normally happens within the first 30 days, so don’t reduce the initial buzz by pricing too high!

Choosing the right estate agent

This is vital, in order for your sale to run as smoothly as possible we advise that you contact around 4 agents and ask them each for a valuation of your property. This is your time to test communication, efficiency and get an overall feel for the people and firm.

Our expert conveyancing team that can offer professional and informed advice to help you navigate the new rules and take you through the process step by step.

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