“The consultation meeting took place on Monday 17th October 2016 with a great turnout of community support. Unfortunately the meeting was brought to an early close by Trustees. The Trustees had legal representation with them at the meeting and we await a copy of their transcript from the meeting. This will be published when received. We will consider matters further at that point.”

“There will be a meeting at Ascot Priory with Mr John Booth and Mr Jonathan Baker representing the Trustees on 17th October 2016 at 10:00. All are welcome to attend that meeting.”

“Good News – the Trustees have agreed to a small time extension for the Consultation Period. This has now been extended to 17th October 2016. Any submissions to help challenge the Trustees’ decision can be emailed to and we will present these to the Trustees together with our formal response on behalf of The Ascot Priory Support Group prior to 17th October 2016.”

“We have been instructed by members of the community in Ascot to set up a Community Interest Company called The Ascot Priory Support Group Limited. The idea of this company is to help organise and collate the beneficiaries’ challenge to the current Trustees’ attempt to sell The Priory and to end services at the Chapel.”