The Ascot Priory Support Group Limited

Welcome to the temporary web page for the Ascot Priory Support Group Limited. We have been retained by a number of concerned members of the religious community at Ascot Priory to help form a support group following a comment from the chairman of the Trustees that the Priory was to be sold and the use of the chapel as a place of worship “mothballed”. The hope is that the Ascot Priory Support Group will help provide those who are fundamentally opposed to this, to mount a challenge to both this decision and the current trustees suitability to remain as trustees of the Charity.

We are instructed by the support group to prepare before the consultation period ends on the 17th October, a detailed response challenging the decision of the Trustees. This web site also hopes to inform the community of any significant developments and help collate letters and emails from those who wish to challenge this decision. If you wish to send any communication to the support group please email