Fixed Fee Divorce

The CP Law Solicitors Fixed Fee Divorce covers all steps from initial instructions through to the Decree Absolute in divorce cases or the Decree in judicial separations.

How much will it cost?

Assuming that the divorce or judicial separation is straightforward, the cost will be £1450.00 which is payable in two installments.

The fees break down as follows:

Our Fees: £750
VAT: £150
Court fees: £550
Total: £1450.00

The only other sums you may have to pay are a fee of £9.25 if we need to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate.

What Work is covered?

This plan covers the preparation and issue of the Divorce Petition and all the steps that need to be taken to obtain Decree Absolute.

What work is not covered?

Should the matter become more complex, for example your spouse defends the proceedings or files a Cross Petition (seeking a cross divorce against you), we reserve the right to increase the costs according to the extra work incurred. Should this happen, we will notify you as soon as practicable, and before any additional costs are involved. We will give you an estimate of the likely increase in the fees, and outline the additional work we will need to undertake. If the Petition is defended, the procedure becomes more complex and differs from that outlined in the following pages. We will explain the revised procedure to you at the time.

The other problem that may occur, and which will increase the fees, is if your spouse fails to return the acknowledgement of service. On issuing the papers, the Court posts the Petition to your spouse or their solicitors together with an Acknowledgement of Service form. If your spouse fails to complete and return the Acknowledgement form it may become necessary to have a further set of the papers served personally by the Court Bailiff so that the divorce can progress. If this is necessary, our fees will increase by the cost of the Bailiff service fee (currently £110.00). Usually we are able to give you a clear indication, in advance, of the likely cost.

How will any subsequent proceedings relating to your property or any children be paid for?

You will be charged on an hourly rate basis. Please contact Lee Pashen for further information.

You will usually need to resolve the financial aspects of your separation and issues concerning any children before the Decree Absolute is granted. Any work we undertake will be charged at our usual hourly rate. However, we can usually give you a clear indication of the likely fees involved if you have reached an agreement in respect of the financial aspects of your separation in advance. Any agreement will need to be recorded in a Consent Order. If the financial aspects of your separation have not been resolved, these will need to be addressed.

Is your spouse liable for your costs?

During divorce proceedings, you can ask for a Court Order that your spouse contributes to the costs of the divorce. This may cover some or all of the fees you incur under this plan. We will explain how this works during our meeting.

If an Order for costs is made against your spouse, then included within this payment plan is an initial letter to recover those fees, but the plan does not include the fees for enforcing any Order for costs made within the divorce proceedings. If we have to help you enforce the order, there will be additional costs involved, again some or all of these may be recovered from your spouse.

What is the next step?

Book an appointment with us to discuss.

When you come for your first meeting, please bring:

  • Your marriage certificate
  • The completed Matrimonial Fact Sheet together with supporting documents
  • The initial £600.00 payment
  • A form of photo ID and proof of address

For further information or to instruct CP Law Solicitors please contact:

Telephone: 0118 974 7923
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Sarah Bieny
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If you require further information please complete the contact form.