ITS specialise in mitigating your tax. We work with both individuals and businesses. We ensure that we structure your assets and property transactions in a way that minimises your tax liability.

We are tax planning consultants who specialise in wealth and asset protection. We offer both bespoke tax planning consultancy, a range of tax planning structures for wealth protection and tax mitigation as well as financing solutions through our in-house finance company.

Over a number of years, we have developed and invested in a number of proven, simple but clever solutions that help both individuals and businesses reduce their tax liabilities. These have all been ratified by our panel of experts, that include leading counsel and accountants.

We advise on the whole range of tax from Income Tax, Capital Gains, Inheritance and Stamp Duty for both private individuals and businesses, particularly owner-managers. Specifically, our services are most suited to:

  • Individuals with estates over £1m
  • Individuals or Businesses with one or more investment property
  • Small or medium sized businesses with profits in excess of £100k
  • Property Developers

Our solutions are bespoke to each client depending on your situation, requirements and preferences. We therefore advocate a meeting with one of our Chartered Tax advisors to review your financial portfolio and to suggest the most appropriate and efficient way of structuring your finances to minimise your tax position, as well as identifying any capital allowances that you qualify for.

We directly employ a range of tax specialists and engage a range of other tax professionals to allow us to understand what UK law enables us to offer you.


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