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Buying a new home, business or investment property is a big step so it’s important to ensure that your legal representation is up to scratch. A delay in legal advice could cost you the property you’re interested in – that’s why CP Law, as conveyancing solicitors, pride ourselves on offering a quick and efficient conveyancing process and excellent customer service. Part of our process includes the management of your lender which you may have chosen from a panel by the time you contact us.

The conveyancing process

In most cases, the conveyancing process is straightforward. It is the the legal transfer of a property from one party to another, and where there is no dispute it is typically smooth sailing. However, it does require particular legal knowledge and must be undertaken by a qualified solicitor.

At CP Law Conveyancing Solicitors, we’ve embraced the advantages of modern technology. Our secure website allows us to upload documents instantly, so that the recipient, you, the other party or their representation, can access them immediately. Combined with near-instant email communications, this allows us to speed up the conveyancing process for the convenience of everyone involved.

Accredited conveyancing experts

With 40 years experience as local conveyancing solicitors in Berkshire, we are proud to be the first conveyancing solicitors in Berkshire to receive the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Accreditation (CQS). It is an impartial and objective assessment of our processes, and we are proud to have met the Law Society’s high standards.

This accreditation lapses after a year. Having been reassessed every year, we have received the accreditation each year following our initial success in 2011. We have been marked out as having excellent procedures in place for conveyancing and deterring fraud in the residential property market. We feel that this confirms that our commitment to customer care has been successful and we aim to match or beat our success in the years to come.

Complete conveyancing solutions

As expert conveyancing solicitors, we offer legal services and advice to cover every aspect of the conveyancing process. In most cases, conveyancing relates to buying or selling a family home, however there are many other instances which conveyancing solicitors must consider.

While the situation for the owners of business premises is slightly different than that of residential home owners, CP Law Solicitors are equally at ease in both cases. Our team includes experts in both residential and commercial conveyancing as well as handling related matters such as tenancy agreements, local authority purchases, transfer of ownership and remortgaging.

It is advisable always to compare conveyancing quotes and although we may not be the cheapest you will see from our testimonials that customers enjoy a faultless experience when dealing with CP Law. We hear many horror stories about poor service and delays from many of our existing customers of their previous experiences.

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