Seller Solicitor

- 'Seller' means all sellers together where the property is owned by more than one person
- 'Buyer' means all buyers together where the property is being bought by more than one person
- 'Property' means the leasehold property being sold
- 'Building' means the building containing the property
- 'Neighbour' means those occupying flats in the building
Instructions to the seller
The seller should provide all relevant documentation relating to the lease when they return this completed form to their solicitor. This may include documents given to the seller when they purchased the property, or documents subsequently given to the seller by those
managing the property.

1. The Property

( 'Flat' includes maisonette and apartment).
( 'Flat' includes maisonette and apartment).

2. Relevant documents

2.1 Please supply a copy of:

2.3 Please supply a copy of any invoices or demands and any statements and receipts for the payment of:

2.4 Please supply a copy of the buildings insurance policy:

3. Management of the building

4. Contact details

4.1 Please supply contact details for the following, where appropriate. (The landlord may be, for example, a private individual, a housing association, or a management company owned by the residents. A managing agent may be employed by the landlord or by the tenants’ management
company to collect the rent and/or manage the building.)


Managing agent contracted by the landlord

Managing agent contracted by the tenants’ management company

5. Maintenance and service charges

If No to question 5.4, please continue to section 6 ‘Notices’ and do not answer questions
5.5–5.9 below.

(e.g. the cost of redecoration of outside or communal areas not usually incurred annually)

6. Notices

Note: A notice may be in a printed form or in the form of a letter.

7. Consents

Note: A consent may be given in a formal document, a letter or orally.


9. Alterations

If No, please go to section 10 ‘Enfranchisement’ and do not answer 9.2 and 9.3 below.

10. Enfranchisement

Note: ‘Enfranchisement’ is the right of a tenant to purchase the freehold from their landlord and the right of the tenant to extend the term of the lease.