Seller's Solicitors

- 'Seller' means all sellers together where the property is owned by more than one person
- 'Buyer' means all buyers together where the property is being bought by more than one person

Instructions to the seller and the buyer This form must be completed accurately by the seller. It may become part of the contract between the seller and the buyer. The seller should make a clear statement of what is included in the sale of the property by marking each box in this form below:

The seller may be prepared to sell to the buyer an item which is otherwise not included in the sale of the property. In this case, the seller should mark the appropriate box with a X to show the item is not included, followed by the amount that the seller wishes to be paid for the item, as shown below.
Not included, but for sale at an extra cost X{amount}
The buyer can then decide whether to accept the seller’s offer. The seller and buyer should inform their solicitors of any arrangements made about items offered for sale in this way.
If the seller removes any fixtures and fittings, the seller must make good any damage caused by their removal. If the seller removes a light fitting, it is assumed that the seller will replace the fitting with a ceiling rose and socket, a flex, bulb holder and bulb.
The seller is responsible for removing any possessions, including rubbish, from the property, the garage, the garden and any outbuildings or sheds.
The seller and the buyer should check the information given on the

1. Basic Fittings

2. Television and telephone

3. Kitchen

4. Bathroom

5. Carpets, curtains, light fittings and fitted units


Curtains rails


Light fittings

Fitted units

6. Outdoor area