Please check and supply the following details to enable us to progress your sale as quickly as possible. Please notify us immediately of any subsequent changes to the information given below.

Supply of Documents

You may be holding documents which we will need to send to the buyer’s solicitors, such as:

Planning permissions, building regulation consents, completion certificates, consents to alterations/additions to the property, transfer deeds, conveyances, guarantees (with any survey reports and proof of payment relating to them), NHBC or Zurich certificates, water rates bill.

If the property is leasehold, we will need a copy of the lease. If we do not receive a copy from you and your lender is not holding one with your deeds, we will apply to the Land Registry for one which will cost £20 and will inevitably cause some delay.

If you have any of the above documents, or other documents relating to the property, please send them to us when returning this questionnaire in order to minimise any delays in your sale.

Your Details

Please supply the following details in respect of ALL the current owners of the property.

If you are aware that the names on your title deeds are different from those stated above, please supply the original documents that prove the change of name, such as a marriage certificate, or a change of name deed.

About your sale

N.B. You must supply this information if there are no estate agents

The buyer's solicitor's details:

N.B. You must supply this information if there are no estate agents

The estate agent details

Estate agents commission

Mortgages on the property and location of title deeds

If you have a mortgage or mortgages secured on the property, please supply below the following details including account numbers.

If you do not have a mortgage and you are not holding the title deeds, please supply below the following details of the deeds holder:

Connected transactions



I/we declare that the information contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge.

Please act for me/us in the above transaction.

Unless you hear from me/us to the contrary you may assume that you have my/our authority to disclose information to other parties in the conveyancing chain, including estate agents and to deal with my existing lender (if any).

I/we confirm that you are authorised to discuss details of the transaction with the following:

Note:Insert above the names of any persons who do not own the property who you authorise us to communicate with regarding this transaction

I/we confirm that you may accept instructions from either one or both of us together and either one of us can act as agent for the other.

This authority includes all instructions in connection with the sale of the above property on my/our behalf including any instructions to you to sign any contract on my/our behalf. I/we undertake that these instructions will not be revoked except in writing and will not affect any actions taken before any such written communication is received by you.

Note:In the case of joint sellers ALL must sign