What happens if I don’t write a will?

what happens if i don't write a will

When a person passes away without a will or had a will that was considered invalid, they are considered to die ‘intestate’, If you pass away without a will, what happens to your estate will depend on the intestacy rules depending on where you live in the UK.  The rules follow an order of succession […]

Witnessing your will in lockdown

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Under UK law, a will maker must sign the will in the presence of two witnesses, over the age of 18, who then must also sign the will to state they have witnessed the event.  The two witnesses to the signing must also not be people who will benefit under the will or a spouse […]

What happens if I do not want to be an executor for a will?


A person is able to entrust their estate to relatives, friends or organisations like banks or a firm of solicitors when deciding who they would like to administer their final wishes. A person making a Will also has the right to appoint as many executors as they feel necessary to administer their estate effectively and […]

Can I make a lasting power of attorney during lockdown?

creating a lasting power of attorney

The UK has been forced to consider what will happen if we become ill and even die over recent weeks. As Covid-19 spread, enquiries for Wills more than doubled and more people were considering what would happen if they lost capacity. Those looking to secure a lasting power of attorney during the Covid-19 outbreak have […]

How to make your will during lockdown

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Many essential services have struggled in recent weeks as traditional ways of working become increasingly difficult. Social distancing measures introduced to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have hindered the way legal professionals are able to facilitate the increased demand for Wills. However, rest assured that Wills are still being written. Legal professionals have just needed […]

What happens if I do not apply for probate

When a person dies, probate is the process of administering their estate by organising their assets, money and possessions and then distributing them as per the terms of a will or in line with the rules of intestacy. To be able to start probate, an executor (the person who takes legal responsibility for carrying out […]

How to get a house and its contents valued for probate


How to calculate the value of a property and its contents for probate Probate is the legal process where you manage a deceased person’s possessions and allocate their money, assets and belongings once they have passed away – this is known as their ‘Estate’. From the outset of probate it will be essential to calculate […]

How Marriages Affect a Will


How Marriages Affect a Will It is estimated that 54% of people in the UK do not have a will and of those who do, many do not know the effect either getting married or divorced will have on what they have chosen to leave to their loved ones. Many do not wish to think […]

Who can write my Will for me if I am not able?


The appointment of an Attorney can help you deal with your affairs once you are no longer able. But they are not allowed to write a Will on your behalf. By appointing an Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you can have someone you trust to deal with both your financial affairs and […]