Protecting your assets with a Life Interest Trust


Leaving someone a life interest in your Will means they will have the benefit of the asset, for example a property, for the rest of their life following which it will pass to a beneficiary chosen by you. There may be times when it is better to leave someone a life interest, rather than give […]

Valuing an estate for probate


After someone dies, everything in their estate needs to be valued. We take a look at why and how this is done. For most people, their estate will need to be wound up by either an executor or, if they have not left a Will, an administrator. Part of this person’s job is to value […]

The charities that are receiving the most from gifts left in Wills


Leaving a gift to charity in your Will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable by your estate, as well as benefit your favourite good cause. In 2018, £3 billion was left to over 10,000 different charities in Wills. Smaller charities are increasingly popular, possibly following some high profile failures by bigger organisations. An […]

Making a Will even when you don’t own your own home


If you don’t own a property, it is easy to assume that you don’t need a Will. In fact there are several good reasons why you should still make one. Leaving a Will can be of great comfort to loved ones, as you can set out your wishes with regard to what you would like […]

Will and probate considerations for same sex couples


A large proportion of same sex couples are neither married nor in a civil partnership, which can have implications when it comes to inheritance matters. While the law treats everyone the same when it comes to Wills and probate, there are several considerations to take into account if you are in a relationship but are […]

Can I draft my own Will?


It is perfectly legal to draw up your own Will, but unfortunately it is not an easy process. Errors can have far-reaching effects, resulting in family estrangements and lengthy and expensive legal battles. A Will has to be drafted and executed in a specific way in order to be legally valid. It can be difficult […]

Why you need a will and how to start one

What are the benefits of having a will? A will settles future arguments Bereavement is a stressful time for people and when it comes to what to do with your effects, you will want to reduce the number of decisions that your beneficiaries would need to make. If you know that certain items, such as […]

Woman wins right to remain in former partner’s home

On May 3rd 2013, Pauline Greaves won the right to remain in her deceased partner’s home (Leslie Stolkin) despite a legal challenge from his son. The case involved Leslie Stolkin, a wealthy property developer, and Pauline Greaves, who were not married but had lived together for 12 years. Leslie died in September 2009 after having […]