Surrogacy In The UK

surrogacy in the UK

For many who are unable to conceive or have been unsuccessful through fertility treatments, an option available to have a child of their own, is surrogacy. Couples looking at this option however need to ensure they know the intricacies of the law surrounding surrogacy, which if not followed could cause issues of parental responsibility in […]

Do parents need to adhere to Child Arrangement Orders in lockdown?

Child Arrangement Orders during lockdown

We are all struggling with restricted access to loved ones at the moment but for a parent of children and young people, the potential of losing access is likely to be the most frightening aspect of the pandemic. If, in a time before Covid-19 entered the UK and drastically changed the way we live our […]

5 things to know about a pre-nup


Planning the future downfall of your marriage with your partner is not the most romantic discussion to have, yet finances both before and after a marriage are becoming an increasingly important subject to many couples that are planning to marry. Prenuptial agreements, better known has prenups, are not a new trend made popular celebrities, but […]

Marriage and civil partnership: a comparison


Civil partnership is now a legal option for both same-sex and mixed-sex couples. Marriage has always been an option for mixed-sex couples and since 2014 it has also been available to same-sex couples England, Wales and Scotland. First introduced in 2004 for same-sex couples, civil partnership was extended to mixed-sex couples on 31 December 2019. […]

How long must a separation be before you can divorce?


In some cases, it is necessary to be separated for a period of time before a divorce will be granted. We look at the details. In order to obtain a divorce, you must have been married for at least a year. If you then wish to apply to the court for a divorce, you will […]

Who pays the fees in a divorce?


Divorce costs can be paid by either party or each can pay their own fees, depending on the circumstances of each individual case. The initial application to court to obtain a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership needs to be accompanied by the court fee of £550. This is payable by the party who […]

Conscious uncoupling: ending a marriage without acrimony


As divorce law is set to be reformed to remove blame, we look at a modern way for couples to separate. The term conscious uncoupling refers to the ending of a relationship in a positive way. Instead of acrimony, the intention is that both parties will go on to better and happier futures separately, but […]

Entering into a pre-nuptial agreement


With lawyers reporting a rise in couples wanting to sign a prenuptial agreement, we look at what this entails and when it might be suitable. A prenuptial agreement (also referred to as a ‘prenup’) is entered into by those intending to get married and sets out what will happen to their assets and debts in […]

What happens in a Divorce?


These are five key stages everyone needs to go through to get a divorce. The process for obtaining a divorce is likely to take at least four to six months, and can potentially be much longer, depending on how complicated it is and whether both parties are in agreement. There are five stages to the […]

What happens if we have children but are not married?


A couple who live together without being married are cohabiting. There are legal provisions in place for the children of cohabiting couples, but without the legal framework of marriage there are no protections for the couple themselves. This means that someone who is cohabiting could be left in financial difficulties if a relationship breaks down. […]