Marriage and civil partnership: a comparison


Civil partnership is now a legal option for both same-sex and mixed-sex couples. Marriage has always been an option for mixed-sex couples and since 2014 it has also been available to same-sex couples England, Wales and Scotland. First introduced in 2004 for same-sex couples, civil partnership was extended to mixed-sex couples on 31 December 2019. […]

Applying for a mortgage successfully


With lenders asking for more details of expenditure, debt and income than ever before, we take a look at what documents you should prepare before applying for a mortgage. When you decide to buy a home, it pays to put your mortgage offer in place as soon as possible. This gives you a good chance […]

Selling a home for the first time


Selling a home for the first time can be stressful, particularly if you are also trying to tie in a purchase. There are a number of things you can do to help your sale go as smoothly as possible, so that as soon as you find a buyer there are no delays on your side […]

Who can write my Will for me if I am not able?


The appointment of an Attorney can help you deal with your affairs once you are no longer able. But they are not allowed to write a Will on your behalf. By appointing an Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you can have someone you trust to deal with both your financial affairs and […]

How long must a separation be before you can divorce?


In some cases, it is necessary to be separated for a period of time before a divorce will be granted. We look at the details. In order to obtain a divorce, you must have been married for at least a year. If you then wish to apply to the court for a divorce, you will […]

Tips for selling your house in the New Year


The New Year is a great time for selling your home to take advantage of interest from those who have made the decision to move over the festive period. Follow our top tips for making your home attractive to buyers for a winter sale. The darker days of winter might not seem ideal for selling […]

Protecting your assets with a Life Interest Trust


Leaving someone a life interest in your Will means they will have the benefit of the asset, for example a property, for the rest of their life following which it will pass to a beneficiary chosen by you. There may be times when it is better to leave someone a life interest, rather than give […]

Who pays the fees in a divorce?


Divorce costs can be paid by either party or each can pay their own fees, depending on the circumstances of each individual case. The initial application to court to obtain a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership needs to be accompanied by the court fee of £550. This is payable by the party who […]

Five surprising mortgage truths


Mortgage companies are becoming ever more flexible, meaning that whatever your situation there is probably an ideal product for you. Finding a mortgage can be time-consuming and complicated. If you’re struggling to find the right product, consider speaking to an independent financial adviser to obtain some help. We look at some of the situations where […]

How to keep your garden looking great in winter


An attractive garden can boost the value of your home, but if you’re selling in the winter months it can be hard to show it off. We look at some tips for keeping your outdoor area looking good in the dormant season. When most plants have shed their leaves and nothing much is growing the […]