Sona Starkova


Sona is a specialist lawyer who exclusively practises in matrimonial and family law including divorce and financial agreements, unmarried couples’ disputes about the family home, separation and protection from domestic abuse. Sona is very passionate about her work and her client’s cases. She is frequently commended by her clients as someone who “has your back” and truly cares about the situation in which they find themselves. She is an expert in negotiation and conflict resolution. Sona understands her clients need to be heard and counselled in the process. She applies practical common sense and empathy in her approach to dealing with matters. She thrives on finding the best solutions for the benefit of her clients.

Sona also regularly receives instructions on parental conflict regarding children. She has acted for both mothers and fathers in cases relating to child living arrangements (formerly residence and contact), schooling, permission to take a child on holidays abroad, permanent relocation within the UK or overseas and the change of surname.

Sona has successfully represented the prospective adoptive parents in a unique intercountry adoption between the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. She regards this particular legally challenging case as her greatest and most satisfying achievement to date.

Direct Dial: 0118 974 7909

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