Can I make a lasting power of attorney during lockdown?

creating a lasting power of attorney

The UK has been forced to consider what will happen if we become ill and even die over recent weeks. As Covid-19 spread, enquiries for Wills more than doubled and more people were considering what would happen if they lost capacity. Those looking to secure a lasting power of attorney during the Covid-19 outbreak have […]

Getting ready to sell a property post-lockdown

selling a house after Covid-19

The current pandemic has had a profound impact on society with many industries grinding to a halt because of social distancing advice. For those needing to buy or sell property, the situation is unprecedented and incredibly frustrating. The UK is making its way through a second set of lockdown measures and the government has intimated […]

How to make your will during lockdown

Senior businesswoman with laptop indoors in home office, business call concept.

Many essential services have struggled in recent weeks as traditional ways of working become increasingly difficult. Social distancing measures introduced to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have hindered the way legal professionals are able to facilitate the increased demand for Wills. However, rest assured that Wills are still being written. Legal professionals have just needed […]

Do parents need to adhere to Child Arrangement Orders in lockdown?

Child Arrangement Orders during lockdown

We are all struggling with restricted access to loved ones at the moment but for a parent of children and young people, the potential of losing access is likely to be the most frightening aspect of the pandemic. If, in a time before Covid-19 entered the UK and drastically changed the way we live our […]

What happens if I do not apply for probate

When a person dies, probate is the process of administering their estate by organising their assets, money and possessions and then distributing them as per the terms of a will or in line with the rules of intestacy. To be able to start probate, an executor (the person who takes legal responsibility for carrying out […]

5 things to know about a pre-nup


Planning the future downfall of your marriage with your partner is not the most romantic discussion to have, yet finances both before and after a marriage are becoming an increasingly important subject to many couples that are planning to marry. Prenuptial agreements, better known has prenups, are not a new trend made popular celebrities, but […]

How to get a house and its contents valued for probate


How to calculate the value of a property and its contents for probate Probate is the legal process where you manage a deceased person’s possessions and allocate their money, assets and belongings once they have passed away – this is known as their ‘Estate’. From the outset of probate it will be essential to calculate […]

How Marriages Affect a Will


How Marriages Affect a Will It is estimated that 54% of people in the UK do not have a will and of those who do, many do not know the effect either getting married or divorced will have on what they have chosen to leave to their loved ones. Many do not wish to think […]

The Homeowners guide to Covid-19 Self-isolation


The coronavirus – Covid-19 – pandemic has seemingly sent the world into a spin. With people fighting over groceries and toilet roll, organisations and countries deciding to go into lock down, it can be difficult to comprehend what advice to follow. The UK is currently in the ‘delay’ phase of the governmental plan to tackle the […]