What is my role if I am an executor to a will?

role of an executor

The person appointed an executor in a will has been entrusted, by the deceased, to arrange the payment of the estate’s debts and expenses as well as the distribution of the deceased’s property. The role of an executor is not an easy one, or one to be taken lightly.  They will have a legal responsibility […]

Which LPA is best for me?

which LPA is best for me

Although associated mainly with those who are either ill or elderly, a Lasting Power of Attorney , or LPA, can be useful for any person at any stage in their life.  With the current pandemic, it has brought to light the importance of loved ones or those you trust, to be able to manage your […]

Moving home, from start to finish

new home start to finish

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of a property between a seller and a buyer.  It is a process usually undertaken by legal professionals, who deal with all the administrative work during the transfer, which ensures that it is done legally. Here we look at each stage of the conveyancing process so you […]

What are the rights of co-habiting couples?


It is estimated that there are 3.4 million cohabiting couples in the UK with the number rising each year, making it the second largest family group. Many couples will not know what rights they have when they are cohabiting rather than as married or civil partners, with many wrongly assuming that they have ‘common law’ […]

Ground rent issues

Ground rent

The issue of ground rent has been a regular highlight in the news over the last couple of years and is beginning cause concern with those in the property industry. Ground rent is where a person with the leasehold of a property must pay an annual ‘rent’ to the freeholder, under the terms of the […]

What happens if I don’t write a will?

what happens if i don't write a will

When a person passes away without a will or had a will that was considered invalid, they are considered to die ‘intestate’, If you pass away without a will, what happens to your estate will depend on the intestacy rules depending on where you live in the UK.  The rules follow an order of succession […]

Witnessing your will in lockdown

social distancing

Under UK law, a will maker must sign the will in the presence of two witnesses, over the age of 18, who then must also sign the will to state they have witnessed the event.  The two witnesses to the signing must also not be people who will benefit under the will or a spouse […]

Surrogacy In The UK

surrogacy in the UK

For many who are unable to conceive or have been unsuccessful through fertility treatments, an option available to have a child of their own, is surrogacy. Couples looking at this option however need to ensure they know the intricacies of the law surrounding surrogacy, which if not followed could cause issues of parental responsibility in […]

Post-Lockdown Conveyancing Explained

moving home

Conveyancing experts are here to guide you through the legal side of the home buying and selling process. This fundamental process will not change despite lockdown and social distancing measures currently impacting the property market. However, some elements of the work will adapt to adhere with these changing requirements. After instructing us, how will we […]

What happens if I do not want to be an executor for a will?


A person is able to entrust their estate to relatives, friends or organisations like banks or a firm of solicitors when deciding who they would like to administer their final wishes. A person making a Will also has the right to appoint as many executors as they feel necessary to administer their estate effectively and […]