Selling an investment property


When you sell an investment property, it can be more complicated than selling your home, particularly if you have tenants in the property or if it means that you will be liable for Capital Gains Tax. If your property is tenanted, the first thing you need to do is to decide whether to sell with […]

Entering into a pre-nuptial agreement


With lawyers reporting a rise in couples wanting to sign a prenuptial agreement, we look at what this entails and when it might be suitable. A prenuptial agreement (also referred to as a ‘prenup’) is entered into by those intending to get married and sets out what will happen to their assets and debts in […]

Making a Will even when you don’t own your own home


If you don’t own a property, it is easy to assume that you don’t need a Will. In fact there are several good reasons why you should still make one. Leaving a Will can be of great comfort to loved ones, as you can set out your wishes with regard to what you would like […]

Which day of the week is most popular for a house move?


Home moving website, Compare My Move, has produced some data revealing the most and least popular days of the week to move house, as well as the cheapest and most expensive. The site looked at 95,000 UK movers who used their services in 2019 to put together a picture of the current trends. They found […]

Will and probate considerations for same sex couples


A large proportion of same sex couples are neither married nor in a civil partnership, which can have implications when it comes to inheritance matters. While the law treats everyone the same when it comes to Wills and probate, there are several considerations to take into account if you are in a relationship but are […]

What happens in a Divorce?


These are five key stages everyone needs to go through to get a divorce. The process for obtaining a divorce is likely to take at least four to six months, and can potentially be much longer, depending on how complicated it is and whether both parties are in agreement. There are five stages to the […]

Can a neighbour’s tree cause subsidence to your property?


When buying a new home, you should pay attention to any sizeable trees near the property. While they often won’t cause a problem, there is occasionally a risk to the stability of a house nearby. If your neighbour’s tree overhangs your garden, you are within your rights to trim any branches that encroach onto your […]

What happens if we have children but are not married?


A couple who live together without being married are cohabiting. There are legal provisions in place for the children of cohabiting couples, but without the legal framework of marriage there are no protections for the couple themselves. This means that someone who is cohabiting could be left in financial difficulties if a relationship breaks down. […]

5 tips for first-time buyers


Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be daunting. We look at 5 points you can deal with before you start your search. There are lots of things to consider when buying a home and it can seem overwhelming the first time you go through the process. If you take the time […]